Mark Christensen - Mike Roze - Dennis "Doc" Tirch
Stone Document
Stone Document is a progressive | ambient | fusion ////project manned by
drummer/keyboardist, Mike Roze, guitarist, Dennis Tirch and Chapman Stick player Mark
Christensen. Check any preconceptions about "prog rock" at the attic door, grab some
headphones, and give a listen to this blend of electronic pulse, psychedelic improvisations,
and a return to unboundaried music.

Their debut CD "Anamnesis" was released early in 2008. "Anamnesis" was recorded when
Stone Document were beginning as a duo (with Mike and Dennis) with a guest appearance
by soon-to-be-member Mark. The album is woven from improvisational composition and
performance sessions, and explorations of the use of the studio as an instrument.
Throughout this LP length journey, Stone Document evoke the experimental spirit of early
art rock pioneers, while delving into the outer limits of electronic and ambient explorations.
Live performances involve elements of free jazz, loop based illbient music, and intense
progressive rock excursions, quite a bit closer to avant-garde music than nuevo-metal.

Roze has been at the heart of undergound New York Rock for years, and has lent his
engineering and studio expertise to the likes of King Crimson and Lamb of God. Tirch is a
veteran experimental guitarist, who currently studies the Guitar Craft approach to music
with accalaimed guitarist/producer Tony Geballe, and on Guitar Craft courses with Robert
Fripp and Curt Golden. Mark is also a Guitar Craft student who has contibuted to projects
by New York indie band Ghost Ghost, Regional Science Fair, Arty LaVigne, Cyrus
Chestnutt, The John Tower Group as well as his own forthcoming CD.
“The sound(s) soar to the sublime, skronk through the ridiculous, and send the
listener on an aural trip.”                   - The Franklin Lakes Journal
Recorded when Stone Document was still the duo of Doc and Mike, this collection
forms the launching pad from which Stone Document as a trio was launched.
Stone Document   Anemnesis    CD
Produced by Stone Document and Tony Geballe

Dennis "Doc" Tirch - guitar, guitar synth
Mike Rose - V-drums, synth
with Mark Christensen - Chapman Stick

special guests:
Rik Mercaldi - Mellotron
J. Tirch - percussion
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